MV Pro Audio utilizes its extensive collective experience with professional audio concepts, practices, and procedures to identify market opportunities, to maximize sales, and to develop avenues for your company’s growth in the market. MV Pro Audio’s sales activities on behalf of your company include:

  • Establish and Implement Pricing Structures for Wholesale, Retail, and MAP: Properly setting up your pricing, dealer margins, sales commissions, and the like is key to success in the North American music market. MV Pro Audio has developed proven pricing strategies designed to create profit and motivation for all parties throughout the sales chain, from the manufacturer to the dealer to the store sales personnel. These strategies are always coupled with a keen awareness of competitive products and pricing, sales incentives, world-wide pricing structures and, of course, value for the end-user customer.
  • Set Up and Manage the Retail Dealer Network: MV Pro Audio identifies key dealers for your brand and works to bring them on board. We enjoy decades-long relationships with prominent dealers large and small throughout North America, and employ field sales reps to service those dealers and to cultivate new ones, who are qualified in accordance with standard business policy and best practices.
  • Serve as the Primary Liaison with Dealers on all Day-to-Day Business Matters: Though we regularly seek out new dealers, our channel relationships are long-term and fiercely loyal. Dealers understand that we will not waste their time with products that are sub-par, or with commodities that do not provide adequate financial return. They also have a deep awareness that they are never at risk for doing business with MV Pro Audio. They understand that they always have a direct line of communication with us, and that we are there for them.

    Develop and Manage Sales Forecasts and Targets: 
    MV Pro Audio has considerable forecasting experience at multiple levels—as manufacturers, as distributors, as independent sales representatives, and as retailers. From this experience we have developed a multi-tiered forecasting approach that has proven to be highly effective. Our approach includes awareness of the need to quickly react to changes in market conditions, product release schedules, competitive programs, and the ever-evolving nature of the global marketplace.
  • Create and Manage Channel and End-User Sales Incentive Programs: Consistent, ongoing incentive programs are a regular part of MV Pro Audio’s business dealings. The programs are always structured to provide maximum impact, and are “multi-pronged” so that everyone in the chain benefits. MV Pro Audio is also intimately familiar with budgeting for sales incentive programs, and adept at evaluating program effectiveness, impact on margin, etc.


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