MV Pro Audio believes that in today’s business climate, nothing can be left to chance. We work according to a plan, and the plan is very carefully crafted. One of our watchwords is “integration”—getting the most mileage out of our efforts by making sure that each initiative has maximum exposure and is fully integrated into the overall strategic effort.

Some of the marketing services we offer to our partner companies include:

  • Brand & Product Messaging: In today’s retail world, getting recognized is more difficult than ever. MV Pro Audio is expert at identifying the unique qualities of your product and brand and creating dealer- and customer-focused messaging to make them stand out from the crowd. We’ve created the look, feel, and “voice” for numerous well-known companies and products…and we can do it for you too!
  • Graphic Design: From logos to product packaging to advertising to social media, MV Pro Audio’s team of graphic experts can help you define, develop, and present your unique brand and product image.
  • Traditional Media Advertising: MV Pro Audio personnel have decades of successful experience developing advertising campaigns, designing advertising artwork, negotiating advertising rates, and making overall determinations as to the most effective use of print and on-line advertising. Print campaigns are always coordinated with social media, in-store promotions, and more, for maximum impact.
  • Training / Materials Development: MV Pro employs the services of award-winning, highly respected industry professionals to visit key dealers to conduct sales trainings, host public clinics, attend trade shows, and the like. Their expertise, along with substantial in-house creative and editorial skills, are tapped for developing sales and training materials, including cut-sheets, brochures, videos, FAQs, comparison charts, and social media.
  • Trade Shows: As appropriate, MV Pro Audio participates in national trade shows, such as NAMM and AES, and various regional shows and dealer shows, such as Sweetwater’s Gearfest. MV Pro Audio partner companies are included in any MV Pro Audio trade show presence, and MV Pro Audio is available to assist in a partner company’s independent presence, as needed, offering logistic services, equipment, personnel, artist appearances, and so on.
  • Customer Service: MV Pro Audio is the first point of contact for all of a partner company’s service and repair issues. We operate using a Return Authorization system, with all repairs tracked and qualified for warranty / non-warranty repair status. We perform repairs in-house; best efforts are made to complete and return all repairs within 24 hours of receipt.


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