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From sales management and fulfillment to complete "company-in-a-box" operations, MV Pro Audio’s veteran team of industry professionals can set you on the path to success with a custom program of essential services


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About MV Pro Audio

MV Pro Audio provides sales, marketing, logistic, and production services for manufacturers in the MI and pro audio industries. We excel at taking new, unknown products and product lines and introducing them to the North American market via our extensive network of resellers.

Prior to a product or brand being introduced to the market, a represented manufacturer can take advantage of a variety of MV Pro Audio's menu-based services, from competitive and strategic price analysis to feature refinement to vendor and parts sourcing to packaging design and branding. When the products are ready to launch, MV Pro Audio has the proven ability to place them with key dealers, create customer awareness, and manage their successful adoption and growth in the marketplace.

Having spent decades designing and distributing professional music and audio equipment throughout the world, MV Pro Audio has developed a suite of non-traditional operational and financial strategies that yield greater financial return for manufacturers, healthier incentives for resellers, and lower prices for end-user customers. We understand the complex dynamcs that affect our markets, and our programs are designed to give your company and products the solid footing they need to compete successfully in the U.S.A.

MV Pro Audio’s principals, Michael Marans, Laurie Marans, and Joey Wolpert, anchor the company with well over 95 years of combined MI and pro audio industry experience covering a wide variety of sales, marketing, design, financial, manufacturing, service and support, and strategic business disciplines. In addition to sales and distribution, MV Pro Audio's principals have been owners/operators/key personnel in world-class MI product design and manufacturing, retail and service operations, OEM development, strategic marketing consulting, media and publishing, and recording studios. MV Pro Audio's staff is comprised of exceptionally talented and capable people, each of whom brings a wealth of personal knowledge and experience to the company.

All MV Pro Audio employees, from sales staff to product specialists, have excellent people skills. People genuinely like us. We like each other. We like you!


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