Waldorf Desktop Synthesis and Effects


Waldorf's compact and affordable desktop models are a great way to expand your sonic arsenal without
breaking the bank!

streichfett String Synthesizer


2-pole Analog Filter



  • Input Gain with level LED
  • Rectify pot for mixing-in the rectified input signal
  • Filter cutoff
  • Filter resonance
  • Envelope modulation of filter modulation (pos/neg)\
  • Filter selection
  • Overdrive
  • Activation
  • Output Level
  • LFO range switch with 3 positions
  • LFO rate
  • LFO mod depth
  • Trigger
  • Trigger threshold
  • Trigger hold
  • Envelope follower source select
  • Envelope follower attack
  • Envelope follower decay


  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • Cutoff CV In
  • Envelope Follower CV In
  • Trigger In
  • Power DC 12V

rocket Desktop Synthesizer


For More Information

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