Morton Microphone Systems KickTone at Winter NAMM 2017

KickTone Microphones

Voted "Best Product of the Year" by Live Design International, Morton Microphone Systems KickTone™ is now shipping to music and audio retailers worldwide. Designed as a one-microphone solution for accurately capturing the full range sound of a kick drum---from sub frequencies to the snap of the beater---KickTone makes getting a great bass drum sound easier, faster, and more repeatable than ever before.

The secret is in the microphone's dual-driver design: Low frequencies (down to 20Hz) are picked up by the 5.25" naturally-resonant Kickstone Microphoneshemp diaphragm,chosen for its durability, accuracy, and excellent damping characteristics. Mid- and upper frequencies (up to 10kHz), such as those from the beater attack, are captured by the unit's independent high-frequency element.

For added convenience, the KickTone can be mounted directly to a KickPort™ bass drum enhancer. Kickstone MicrophonesJust slide the KickTone over the KickPort flange and you're ready to go! The calibrated vents on the KickPort allow air to move freely, so the feel of the beater remains unchanged for the player. A built-in swivel adapter allows the KickTone to be stand-mounted as well.

With a street price of only $399.99, KickTone gives drummers and sound engineers an affordable way to create a fat, punchy, detailed, and repeatable kick drum sound. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of using two microphones!

KickTone will be on display at the MV Pro Audio, Booth 6914, Hall A, with demonstrations given by the microphone's inventor, Terry Morton, of Morton Microphone Systems. Dealer/distributor inquiries are welcome.


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