Welcome to MV Pro Audio…

…where you’ll find some of the most unique, musical, and technically advanced MI and professional audio products available today. With a focus on delivering innovative and powerful “niche” technologies to the U.S. and Canadian markets, MV Pro Audio has grown from a small distribution company representing two product lines, to a bustling organization that offers an outstanding assortment of products from 8 manufacturers (and counting!).

From state-of-the-art wireless digital mixers to synthesizers, signal processing plugins, studio microphones, world-class amplification, and more, MV Pro Audio supplies your music retailer with the finest, most technologically advanced musical instruments and audio equipment on the market.

So mouse around the studio scene above to learn a bit about some of our product offerings. See something that strikes your fancy? Click on the manufacturer’s link to get the details. And when it comes time to make your purchase, visit our where to buy page to find your favorite local music store or choose one of our premier on-line retailers.